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Project Description
SoloScoring manages timing and scoring for autocross (SCCA Solo) events. It is coded in Visual Basic 6. Imports on-line registration data, prints timeslips and various reports, and outputs html for uploading to your website.

This project was designed to improve the operation of autocross events. It was conceived as a day of the event type operation. As a result, it does not attempt to provide other club operations such as membership, points tracking, or mailing lists. Those functions are usually handled better off-line.

Development was originally done in VB5 then later migrated to VB6. The project will not load in VB.Net. All data is maintained in an Access database. Access is not required on the PC running the program. No other software is required to run the program. It runs fine on Win95, Win98, W2000, and XP. It has not been tested on Vista Or Win7.

The current is set-up to work with a RaceAmerica AC-4 timing system. Other timing systems can be added easily. The program does not provide any internal timing function.

Report output goes to any Windows compatible printer. It also supports printing timeslips to a receipt printer. These provide driver with current and best times and current place in class.

This program was designed by and for the Blue Ridge Region of the Sports Car Club of America.

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